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Treatments incorporate ancient medicinal techniques that help to soothe and relax your body, and relieve stress. Essential Elements in Essex Junction, VT uses techniques including Tui Na, Amma, Shiatsu and acupressure point therapy with in any treatment. Leslie also is well versed in Fire Cupping, Moxabustion and Gua Sha as adjunct therapy's used within the treatment as needed.

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What is medical Massage

Are you interested finding out more about the work I do?

  • Calm the mind and CNS
  • Aids acute and chronic pain
  • help with auto immune diseases and stabilizing the whole body system
  • Endocrine, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Lymphatic systems support Injury and traumas
  • Adjunct therapies such as Fire Cupping, Moxabustion and Gua Sha may also be incorporated into a treatment as seen fit by the the diagnostic I take and the discussion of the issues at hand. Not all therapies are called for. Use is determined on a per patient and per session basis.

Treatments sessions usually last up to an hr. They include diagnostics and a discussion of how things are currently. First treatment sessions last longer, up to 1.5 hrs. This includes discussion of health history , diagnostics and of course a full treatment.

After the session a plan back to balance is discussed and includes:

  • Nutritional suggestions
  • Activity level changes
  • session frequency

Rome was not built in a day; though its great to occasionally have huge breakthroughs in a session, it is not the norm. Consistency in the work will allow the body to regulate and make the changes needed for long term holding. Treatment plans are custom designed per patient.

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