Crystal Healing

Improve Health & Attitude with Crystals

     Crystals are incredibly powerful on their own, and together, they create a force. Are you interested in how the use of crystals can help ground and raise your natural vibration and frequency? Leslie Chadwell is happy to meet with you to discuss your interest, or unique situation, to determine if the use of crystals would be effective. Whether it be for you, a loved one, or a pet, I can help you determine which crystals would be most beneficial for you.

Crystal Healing in Essex Junction, VT

When you’re seeking an alternative to the struggles in your life, crystals help. My education is ongoing in the field of Chinese Medicine and all it’s attributes; from oils to crystals, and how they work together. Individually they are all strong, together, they are a force to recon with. This is why I offer what works for me to you:

  • Find your true sense of self
  • Rid yourself of emotional blockages
  • Promote the qualities of strength, clarity and compassion
  • Find balance

To learn more about improving your vibration with crystals, contact Essential Elements today.

Crystal Healing in Essex Vermont
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