Detox Protocol

     Leslie’s detox protocol involves three stages: tenderizing, preheating, and venting out. The first stage involves using a vibe plate to gently stimulate the lymph and fascia, generating flow in the body. This stage typically lasts for a 15-minute.

     The second stage is the preheating stage, which involves the use of red light therapy with added PEMF and negative ion therapy. This stage builds on the frequency and moves qi on multiple levels. This stage typically lasts for 30 minutes.

     The final stage is the venting out stage, which involves the use of an FIR sauna. By this point, the blood and lymph have been stimulated, preheated, and maintained through the mat, and now all of this movement is allowed to vent out through the sweat glands. This stage also typically lasts for 30 minutes.

Vibe Plate

To begin moving toxins in your body we start by activating your lymphatic system. On the vibe plate your body is moving like it would in cardio, without the exhaustion, which allows it to begin to release.

Long ago, you might have seen a version like the one you see here with the big band around your waist but now, the vibe plate is a small tool, that simulates walking, jogging, and running. The effect it has throughout your body is incredibly relaxing.

Infrared Light and Hot Stone Application

The next step is to lay on the Infared mat where red light is applied to the top and bottom of your body - directly to the skin. The warmer things get the more negative ions you get, the more relaxation and expressing of toxins occurs.

Infrared Sauna

Finally, you'll spend 23-30min in the Infrared Sauna. Here, the heat from the lamps helps increase blood flow to your muscles and other tissues, helping reduce tension and relieve pain. You'll notice your skin turning red as toxins raise to the surface; your body sweats to express and detox itself.
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