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Meet Leslie Chadwell

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Leslie Chadwell is a practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine and a graduate of the 2013-14 Massage class at Elements of Healing. Her journey into this field started with a desire to find a more realistic and healing path while raising her four daughters. Leslie has always had an inner knowing and an ability to see things differently, which she attributes to her 6th sense.

As a child, Leslie was always considered to be the safe zone or caregiver, which she attributes to her time spent fox hunting with her dad, where adults would ride behind her as she was calm and reliable. This connection to animals, particularly horses, has remained with her, and she continues to work with them to this day. Leslie sees horses as misunderstood animals, often in the right, while it’s the humans who need fixing. This understanding of body language and unspoken communication within a herd has helped her develop a deeper understanding of the human aspect of her practice.

Leslie’s family has had to evolve and adapt over the years, and the journey has not been without its challenges. However, her commitment to her craft and the ability to see things differently has enabled her to keep moving forward. Her daughters have seen a lot and have grown to be very empathic beings, and Leslie couldn’t be more proud. With a foundation in connection and healing, Leslie’s focus remains on building relationships and helping her clients navigate the challenges they face.

Essential Elements | Massage Therapist in Essex VT
"Leslie draws from a wealth of knowledge that she has acquired from a variety of sources and modalities. She synthesizes her wisdom to create magical, nourishing and very beneficial treatments."
~ Nancy
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