Making peace with your past for a brighter future

“Making peace with your past so you can have a bright future”

Everyone will want to join this course! Young especially, and older absolutely.
Learn this truth at an early age, what a gift! With age comes wisdom, and it’s never too late.

We will discuss the “Biology of sickness” and “Biological Conflict.” How we get sick.

  • What is the body trying to tell us through sickness.
  • And of course, how we can heal.
  • In Chinese medicine it is said emotions are 100% a part of every illness whether the root or the branch. There is no separation.

Tools will be given for at home work after the course.

“Where there is pain there is no free flow, where there is pain, there is no free flow.”
Emotions are Qi energy. We don’t want to burry them alive. Qi needs to move.

We will do some fascinating family tree work. We will work on time lining the family tree.

Dra Leslie will work with the participant one on one during the course to get everyone a solid start.

All participants will be given emotional tools to heal your emotional wounds.

“Making peace with your past so you can have a bright future” A 2 day event!

Regular Cost

  • $400 paid in full or,
  • $200 deposit by 10/1, with balance due at event

Early Bird Discounts

  • $325 paid in full, by 9/2/2023
  • $350 paid in full by 9/16/2023

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Presented By

Dra. Leslie Gomez Martinez
Staff Physician at the Cancun Center

Dra. Leslie Gomez Martinez received her medical degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 2000. Three years later, she also earned her pediatric degree from Hospital Español/ Universidad La Salle and would go on to become head of the pediatric department at Hospiten Cancún.

During this time, Dra. Martinez also began her journey in integrative medicine, learning about the connection between organs and emotions alongside her partner, an acupuncturist practiced in energy medicine. She began to understand the associations between the physical, emotional, and spiritual body, and established an innovative pediatric practice, healing sick children by using homeopathy to release their mothers’ past trauma and pain.

After accepting an invitation to join the Hope4Cancer team in Cancun, Dra. Martinez promptly began work in the Behavioral Emotional Spiritual Therapy (BEST) Program in our centers. Drawing from her experience in energy medicine and its connection to the whole body, she is an essential part of our staff, giving patients the tools to heal from negative emotions and trauma on a daily basis.

Leslie Chadwell
Essential Elements

Chinese Medicine Practitioner - Medical Massage Therapist.

I am honored to be hosting Dra Leslie. My work with her at H4C Cancun was fascinating and life changing.

My work with patients at Essential Elements is very rooted in this idea of the emotional body, and the HeartMind. The theories and teachings of Chinese Medicine speak deeply to epigenetic and ancestral work.
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