Medical Massage Therapy


Achieve Real Healing with Medical Massage Therapy

What to expect at your appointment. During your treatment, my priority is to give you my undivided attention and provide a safe space for you to express any concerns or questions you may have. I will begin by assessing your pain points and taking note of any relevant medical history or current health concerns.

After your initial assessment, I will create a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs and objectives. Throughout the treatment, I will continually assess your progress and adjust the plan as necessary.

As we work together, I will provide explanations of the techniques being used and their intended effects, ensuring that you feel comfortable and informed throughout the process. After the treatment, we will have a post-session discussion to review any objective findings and address any lingering concerns or questions.

Overall, my goal is to provide a caring, thorough, and effective treatment that helps you feel heard, seen, and on the path to improved wellness.

~ Leslie

Lisa SylvesterLisa Sylvester
22:28 21 Jan 23
Leslie offers a massage like no other I’ve had. She has a gentle touch that is less about deep muscle work (though you’ll leave with your muscles and whole body feeling mighty content) and more about noticing how your body is. She then takes what she notices and helps you understand more about your body and overall health. Every treatment I’ve had has been customized (cupping, gua sha, specially selected essential oils) to help me stay healthy and feel my best. I highly recommend Leslie for her deep knowledge and her exceptionally caring and helpful treatments.
Thereza CononiThereza Cononi
00:59 30 Dec 22
Leslie offers a transformational and therapeutic healing experience with Chinese medical massage and essential oils. The massage style is light, but the effects are deep. Leslie’s extensive education in essential oils, 5 Element, meridian theory and acupressure provide her with the skills and ability to feel imbalances in the body and adjust the massage to my specific needs. After each treatment I leave feeling deeply relaxed and have less discomfort than when I arrived. I highly recommend treatments with Leslie!
Nancy BenerofeNancy Benerofe
23:36 26 Dec 22
Leslie is a wonderful practitioner. She draws from a wealth of knowledge that she has acquired from a variety of sources and modalities. She synthesizes her wisdom to create magical, nourishing and very beneficial treatments. She has helped me through many aches and pains of varying sorts. I highly recommend Leslie Chadwell at Essential Elements.
Michael B.Michael B.
21:12 26 Dec 22
Leslie is knowledgeable and proficient at Asian therapeutic massage (amma/tui-na and shiatsu) and also in treatments using essential oils. She listens so well and is generous of spirit and with her time, going above and beyond what I would expect of a provider. She is always ready to share and demonstrates genuine concern for her patients/clients. I gladly recommend her to anyone seeking Asian bodywork therapy or essential oil treatment for better health.
Julie DanaherJulie Danaher
03:00 21 Dec 22
I was surprised by the takeaways from Leslie’s massage. I don’t often get a massage because it doesn’t typically help me relax and I’m not one to prioritize myself. Not only did I feel at ease, I felt listened to, cared for and felt it to be a good use of my time. She provided me with insight into what my body was saying, signs of different things... I left with tips and ideas on circulation, kidney/spleen health, and more. As someone who believes strongly in all parts working together, I felt this to be of tremendous value:) Highly recommend her insights and care.
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