What to Expect

What to expect, before and after, your medical massage

Before your medical massage:

  • First time only: Print and bring with you or email a completed copy of your intake form.
  • First time only: Plan about 1.5hr for your first session – we’ll discuss your history and concerns.
  • Drink plenty of water! But try not to eat right before the session.
  • Share updates or changes you’ve noticed since our last session.
  • Prepare by changing into a gown (or go nude) face up on the table, covered with the blankets.
  • Leslie employs a unique tactile approach to assessment, using pulse, tongue, and abdominal diagnosis to uncover the body’s story. This approach is often in sync with the subjective, verbal intake, but sometimes reveals more than the spoken word. She then combines this information with the eight principles of Chinese Medicine to gain a deeper understanding of the patient’s condition. During the first session, Leslie considers it the equivalent of exploratory surgery for her fingers as she gathers more subjective and objective information to assess the patient’s pattern. Additionally, Leslie employs visual assessment and questioning to further refine her understanding of person’s unique condition. By combining these various techniques, Leslie is able to arrive at a holistic understanding of her patients and develop a customized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs.

During your medical massage:

  • A relaxing experience awaits while your body is taken through the flow of the massage. The table is fitted with a mat that has Infrared Heat, PEMF, Negative Iontherapy, as well as Red Light Therapy.
  • During your treatment, my priority is to give you my undivided attention and provide a safe space for you to express any concerns or questions you may have. I will begin by assessing your pain points and taking note of any relevant medical history or current health concerns.
  • I will provide explanations of the techniques being used and their intended effects, ensuring that you feel comfortable and informed throughout the process. After the treatment, we will have a post-session discussion to review any objective findings and address any lingering concerns or questions. 
  • We begin the massage face up so that diagnostics can be taken. The front of the body is known the yin side of the body, yin organs are most often deficient and thus treated first.
  • I utilize a systematic approach to addressing the body, based on the diagnostics read at the start of the session. Meridians will be treated and diagnosed was I go. We begin the massage face up so that diagnostics can be taken. The front of the body is known the yin side of the body, yin organs are most often desiccant and thus treated first.
  • Diagnosis is treatment and treatment is diagnosis.

After your medical massage:

  • When the session is complete I step out and allow you to change back to you clothes and will knock to see if you’re ready to review and bring the Tx session to a close. Get up slowly off the table you started face up and will be finishing face down.
  • Allow your body to reacclimatize.
  • I will create a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs and objectives. Throughout the treatment, I will continually assess your progress and adjust the plan as necessary.
  • Leslie will provide a patch that keeps good moving forward.
  • Schedule a followup.
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