Recharge your Resilience

Recharge your Resilience:

Integrative approaches to access your Vitality and Wellness

The Problem:

Ever Wondered If It’s Just All In Your Head?


Ever Been Told You’re Just Imagining It?

It’s a struggle to make it through the day.

The highs and lows are exhausting.

You’ve tried practically everything – from doctors to pills, to diets and woo-woo treatments.

But nothing’s worked.

You’ve been missing out on:

  • time with family
  • new experiences
  • activities with the grandkids

You’ve felt like a burden to others, struggling with physical and emotional pain that there just doesn’t seem to be a plausible reason for.

You’d give anything to be able to get back to:

  • the sport you love
  • hobbies that delight you
  • life as you knew it


Stare Down The Beast

My Promise:

This workshop will provide the you foundation from which results are obtained. Join us for a very special 1-hour workshop and discover how Chinese Medicine, and other life-style tools can help you.

After experiencing loss, navigating life’s challenges, and facing recurring cancer, I battled through physical, emotional, and mental anguish, alongside the looming fear of uncertainty. Nevertheless, I persevered, trusting my instincts and ultimately discovering the benefits of Chinese Medicine.
Hear my journey and how I not only enjoy increased energy and vitality now, but I can also witness my body’s healing progress through test results. In fact, I’ve committed to competing in an Ironman next summer (2024), feeling absolutely unstoppable!
The importance of detoxing our lives from the inside out, and an overview where and how to start.

The Finish:

Following loss, life, and a recurrent cancer diagnosis, I fought physical, emotional, and mental pain. Fear of the unknown would not stop me! I followed my instincts and found Chinese Medicine. 

Hear my journey and how I got to the point of inviting you to this course. 

Not only do I now have more energy and vitality, I see the test results of my body healing itself. I even signed up to compete in an Ironman next summer, I feel unstoppable! 

And you can too!

Life is too short to just let it happen to you.

You don’t have to accept that where you are now as your new reality.

In 60 minutes you’ll learn some of the how to’s:

  • The importance of detoxing our liver, so that our whole body can detox.
  • Reconnect your physical, mental, and emotional pathways so that you feel solid in your own skin again. 
  • Embrace the power and magnificence of your human body and its ability to heal, so that you can allow yours to.

Start thriving instead of just surviving.

Recharge Your Resilience

An integrative approach to restoring vitality

October 21, 2023
Time: 2:00pm EST
Cost is free*
*zoom will be recorded so that others may benefit too

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